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THE SELECTER are a surprise hit @ Coachella Festival 2013 USA

The Selecter, as my colleague Kate McGinty pointed out during weekend 1, is a band with some history.  Singer Pauline Black - the woman Gwen Stefani cites as her prime influence - is 59.

But they fit right in at Coachella.  Fans - most of whom never heard the band before, let alone Two Tone - loved them.  And it showed in the best way Coachella fans know how: a mosh pit.  A little at odds with peppy ska, but it's the thought that counts.  The band ripped through a set that included hits like 'On My Radio' & 'Too Much Pressure', but also indulged in some ska classics: 'Train To Skaville' & 'Carry Go Bring Come'.

All in all a fabulous show. - Posted by Liz Kelly Nelson on April 20th 2013 (






Mojo Magazine May 2013: 'String Theory' is a solid follow up to 2011's 'Made In Britain'. 3***

Vive Le Rock Magazine Feb 2013: Black & Hendrickson never afraid to deal with the big issues, whilst musically The Selecter sound as relevant as they did in their heyday. 'String Theory' demonstrates their ability and desire to write contemporary songs which rival their impressive back catalogue. 8/10

Mojo Magazine Sept 2011: "Pauline Black with a new Selecter band & toaster Gaps Hendrickson have shifted up a gear to provide an album that would sit comfortably next to The Selecter's 1980 debut "Too Much Pressure"..... but it's when Black steps out of her comfort zone as with her reggae reading of Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black' that she moves forward, capturing the singer at her vocal best' 3***

Rolling Stone Magazine: "Hands down, Pauline Black possessed the best voice that ever graced a 2-Tone release.  Blessed with a bewitching soprano and dramatic panache, Black's voice reached plateaus that made every other musical detail sound like part of a backdrop painted just to set the stage for her entrance"


Serpent's Tail goes
 2-tone with Black
  Serpent's Tail has acquired the rights to the memoir of singer and actress Pauline Black. Oli Munson of the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency sold world English language rights to Black by Design to Pete Ayrton, publisher, and John Williams, editor at Serpent’s Tail. It will be published on July 14th 2011.
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